From Naha Airport

Located 15 minutes via taxi or 30 minutes via monorail, Tomari Port is where you will start your journey to Zamami. 

To Tomari Port:

Via Monorail:

Take the monorail from the airport station to Miebashi Station, 7 stations away (14 minutes). Walk another 10 minutes to reach Tomari Port. 


Via Bus:

From the airport bus terminal, Bus numbers 26 or 99 will take you to Tomari Takahashi which will take around 30 minutes. 


Via Taxi:

About 15 minutes from the airport for about 1500 yen. There is a small but significant distance between the High-speed boat departure point and Ferry Zamami departure point. Make sure to tell the driver you want to go to Tomari-Ko-hokugan (泊港北岸)for the Queen Zamami.

From Tomari Port to Zamami Village

There are two ships that services Zamami Village:
the Ferry Zamami 3 and the High-Speed Queen ZamamiDeparture times for both boats vary depending on the season, so please make sure to double check the time schedule.


Both boats depart from Tomari Port in Naha, but not from the same location (5min walking distance). There is a ticket office next to each of the departure location.


The Queen Zamami makes the trip in 50-70 minutes to Zamami/Aka islands. Perfect for a day trip or take advantage of the later departure time to spend as much time on Zamami. 


The Ferry Zamami 3 is a large luxurious ferry that travels to Aka Island in 1.5 hours and 2 hours to Zamami Island. The ferry is equipped with stabilizers that allows it to sail smoothly, even on choppy waters. It runs once a day.




The Queen Zamami makes two trips a day during off-season and three trips a day during summer.
The Queen Zamami makes two trips a day during off-season and three trips a day during summer.
The Ferry Zamami 3 makes one round trip between Tomari Port and Aka/Zamami ports
The Ferry Zamami 3 makes one round trip between Tomari Port and Aka/Zamami ports

*Reservations with credit cards issued outside of Japan can only be made 23 days prior to departure.

**For reservations over 23 days and up to 2 months, please call the Tomari port ticket office


Boats and ticket offices locations in Tomari Port
Boats and ticket offices locations in Tomari Port

Between islands (Zamami Island - Aka/Geruma Islands)

Zamami Village is made up of plenty of uninhabited islands and three inhabited islands: Zamami Island, Aka Island and Geruma Island. Although Aka and Geruma are connected by a bridge, you have to take a boat if you want to reach Zamami Island.


The most common way of connecting islands is to get on the Inter-village Mitsuma ship. It runs at minima 4 times a day. If you make a book the previous day until 1700, the Mitsushima can also take you to Tokashiki Island (not part of the village).


In addition to the Mitsushima, you maybe also take the Ferry Zamami or the high-speed boat Queen Zamami to get to the other islands of the village when these two boats are on their way from/to Naha . Please check the timetable.


Alternative Routes

There are two other ways to get to Zamami Village from Naha (and from Zamami Village to Naha). These alternative routes tend to be used only in case of boat cancelations . They are much more expensive than normal boat crossing and they require significantly more planning. Please note that if the weather worsens dramatically, you will not be able to take these alternative routes.


- Helicopter (Naha Airport - Kerama Airport). One company operates helicopter charter from Naha Airport. The fees decrease significantly in case of boat cancelations. Company website (jp).


- Crossing via Tokashiki Island. It happens that boats to/ from Zamami get cancelled but not those to/from Tokashiki Island. If this is the case, you can get to Zamami by crossing Tokashiki Island. You will need to take the following route (both directions possible):


1. Naha - Tokashiki Port (Tokashiki Island). You will need first to go Tomari port (Naha) and get on the Ferry Tokashiki that will take you to Tokashiki port.

2. Tokashiki Port - Aharen Port. Once arrived in Tokashiki Port, you will need to cross the island to go to the second port of Tokashiki Island: Aharen port. This crossing can be made by bus or taxi.

3. Aharen Port - Zamami. Once in Aharen Port, you will need to take a private charter boat to get to Zamami.